Michael R. Caputo - Chairman


Dear Friends:  

I'm writing you today because Roger Stone and his family need your help. His situation is dire: he will be sentenced on February 20, 2020, basically found guilty of supporting President Donald Trump. One of the Presidents oldest friends, his political advisor for three decades, Roger will soon go to prison.  

That's right: until the Russia hoax was stopped, Democrat-inspired dirty cops railroaded Roger Stone and they will soon put him in jail. As my friend for 30 years, Roger's predicament breaks my heart. I'm writing you because after paying millions in legal fees, Roger and his family are flat broke. This is really horrifying to me. As my first boss in politics, I always looked up to Roger. Over the years, we became very close friends. His wife, Nydia, is like my big sister. His kids are like my own family. We spend holidays together and, over the years, I came to know the Stones as an American success story.  

Nydia escaped from Cuban communism as a little girl, and Roger also came from humble roots. They both worked hard all their lives, were successful and generous with their own success. Yet today they are destitute. That's why we set up a new organization, the Pardon Roger J. Stone Committee, and I have agreed to serve as chairman. So I'm writing to ask you to donate $10, $20, $50, $100, or anything you can afford to a fund we set up to help pay legal bills and care for Nydia after they incarcerate the love of her life - for NOTHING.  

Roger and I were both swept up in the bogus Russia investigations. I was forced to testify before the House, Senate and Mueller investigators. They tortured me and my family, tried to charge me with made up crimes. They failed with me, but they set up Roger Stone and they will soon put him in jail.  

Stone was targeted by dirty cops because despite all their illegal efforts they failed to frame President Trump. The Stone family has been destroyed for a 30 year friendship with the Trumps. By imprisoning #RogerStone, they think they are imprisoning the President. I am working towards a plea to the President to pardon Roger - but until he can do that, his family must survive and his lawyers must be paid for an appeal.  

That's why I'm writing you today. Please take a moment to donate $10, $20, $50, $100 - or whatever you can spare by clicking HERE. The proceeds will go to the Stone family and as their friend, I will make sure of that. You have my word. 


The federal judge who will sentence Roger on February 20th will not allow Roger to speak with me - her court order forbids it, even today, months after his conviction. After 30 years of friendship, we've not been able to speak for over a year. Help me speak to his family with the generous support of the MAGA community. We must take care of our own.  

Please pray for our President and pray for Roger, Nydia and the Stone family. Thank you for your kind consideration of this request.  


Michael R. Caputo 


Pardon Roger J. Stone Committee  

PS: A former Democrat congressman called a friend of the Stone family before all this happened to warn them that they were being set up. Today, we see the results of that dishonest effort. With your donation of $10, $20, $50, $100, or any amount, we can make sure the Stone family survives this terrible ordeal. Thank you!